The After-the-Superbowl Blues, or how many chickens sacrificed their wings!

Well, I am sure in many homes across New England it was difficult to climb out of bed this morning. The visions of Wes Welker dropping that ball late in the 4th quarter and Mario Manningham making that great catch… Oh well, no use re-living the nightmare!

I am going to continue to remind you about this coming Monday night (February 13th), Claudine Emerson, Substance Abuse Counselor at GHS will be presenting Drugs 101: A Parents Guide in the GMS Auditorium beginning at 6:00 pm. Claudine has enlisted the good people from the Gorham Police Department to provide us with real examples of the kinds of drugs that are being found in our community. Unfortunately, we are not immune from this scourge and we need to make sure that we all understand the challenges that face our kids daily. Please make time for this very important and valuable meeting. I think you will leave with a new appreciation.

In our continuing effort to help reduce the instances of bullying at GMS, here is another link to the Dateline NBC presentation about bullying. This episode is fairly typical behavior and, unfortunately, all too often something that is allowed to continue unchecked. In all of the work we do with bullying behavior, working with the bystanders is our best chance to make a difference in getting the bullying to stop. I am very proud of our students and how the treat each other… most of the time. I would be only kidding myself if I thought that some of what is on the report doesn’t happen in our school. We can only work as hard as we can to eliminate it.

Filing this under the category of “It is never too early…”, Gorham Middle School will be sponsoring our 2nd annual GMS Night at the Seadogs. On this evening our Chorus kids will be singing the National Anthem before the game, the Portland Seadogs will be honoring several GMS teachers for their contributions to the school and the community and one of our lucky folks will get to throw out the first pitch. This is an evening of great family fun, and we get to see some future major leaguers as well. Tickets will be available by calling the GMS office and the cost of the tickets will be $5.00. Circle this date on your calendar for a great evening of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Since I am categorizing my entries on this post, we’ll file this one under “Shameless Promotion of a Proud Dad about his Daughter”. I think many of you know that my daughter is the Director of Sales and Promotions for the Portland Seadogs, the Eastern League Affiliate of the Boston Red Sox ( I had hoped to be able to say the “World Champion Boston Red Sox, but some fried chicken got in the way). I digress, my promotion is to have you read her blog about the activities of the Seadogs in the community, so I am linking you to them: Portland Seadogs Blog

In the past I have mentioned a web site called Common Sense Media, This site does a review for each movie that is released during the past week and gives parents an idea of the content and the appropriateness for students at different ages. It also reviews many of the video games that have been released. It is very helpful because it is an independent review and it is from folks who have an understanding of technology. I am providing a link to for your convenienve: Common Sense Media

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