This is important for all Parents to know!

I promise that I will not get into the habit of posting everyday, but this piece of information came to me and, quite frankly, scared the life out of me. Evidently, in our world somewhere, people are offering themselves up to challenges on their Facebook accounts. If enough people “like” a post that they put up on facebook to, for example, consume a tablespoon of cinnamon they will accept the challenge and try to consume the cinnamon.

This is more than just a little troubling to me, and, I expect, to all of you, and it is not the only challenge that students are putting out on their facebook accounts.

The idea of consuming a tablespoon of cinnamon become dangerous because of the super absorbency nature of the cinnamon. It is especially dangerous for students who suffer from asthma. This super absorbency will cause the saliva in a persons mouth to immediately dry up, it will likely result in the student gagging and possibly vomiting. I any student who suffers from asthma it could trigger an attack that could have even more dangerous outcome.

Another “challenge” that is being placed out there on facebook is the ice and salt challenge. Now, any 8th grade science teacher can tell you about the effects that the combination of salt and ice have when placed against skin. The heat that is generated can cause sever burns and it will leave a scar. I really don’t know why these things are going on, but we all need to be aware that they are.

So, if your child has a scab, usually on the arm as that is where the “game” is played, then you might want to question him/her about how it got there.

Finally, while I am on the subject of Things Kids Do, I want to remind all of you about the presentation being done on Monday night, February 13th in the Auditorium at Gorham Middle School. Claudine Emerson, Substance Abuse Counselor at GHS will present Drugs 101: What Parents Should Know. The evening will be filled with some valuable information for all of us to know, mark your calendar and I hope we’ll see you all here.

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