Snow Days!

With the forecast from our local prognosticators calling for a storm Wednesday night into Thursday morning, the social networks are humming with rituals that kids (and teachers) employ to make the snow happen. If people actually employ some of things they say they employ, well, let’s just say I can’t imagine!

As a kid growing up in greater Boston, I do not remember any of my siblings discussing any rituals that would guarantee such a thing, but I do remember some very memorable snow days, and even a snow week in 1969 (yeah, I’m THAT old!).

Some of my teacher friends are discussing their rituals for this upcoming storm in their Facebook entries, extolling their friends to remember to wear the PJ’s backward and inside. So it got me to thinking, what are some of the rituals that people employ to insure that wonderful, unexpected break in the week?

Well, as I have been writing about in this age of technology, where would I go to get answers to my questions? You got it, I “googled” it! So here are some of the rituals:

A story that ran in 2006 listed several tried and true rituals that folks employ, including the already mentioned wearing your pajamas inside out and backward, but they also included flushing 6 ice cubes down the toilet in an attempt, as one 3rd grader in Virginia reported, “it flushes to the ocean and it freezes the ocean and that helps bring the snow.”

One young man is convinced that he can make a snow by, now get this, run around the house in his underwear 6 times and then lying on the ground for 30 seconds, 15 seconds if there is already snow on the ground. I had to read this a couple of times to understand that he meant run around OUTSIDE the house!

From the Yahoo!Answers web page some different suggestions offered are putting spoons under you pillow, and one suggestion made in a comment to that entry was to make sure you licked the spoon before you put it under your pillow. Speaking of things under the pillow, one other contributor suggested put a statue of Mary and a dollar bill under the for the night. If it snowed, you had to put the dollar into the poor box at your first opportunity ( this sounds like something I am sure I should have heard during my early school days from Sister Caesarine)

Another ritual involving ice cubes is to throw them at a tree! I’m not sure if there is a distance or height requirement for this one, in fact, I’m not sure if you even need to hit the tree, allowing for those of us who couldn’t hit the broadside of the barn door an opportunity to influence the snow gods.

There are some pretty wild ideas for getting a snow day too. Things like hanging a disco ball in the window (don’t know if it needs to be running, but if it does, you’d need the snow day because of lack of sleep!). Or how about putting 12 orange index cards on the hood of your car! I have no idea where the relationship to snow is!!!

Some other weird rituals include hanging a wool sock over your bed? Try sleeping on the opposite of the bed and finally, one that seem to invoke prayer, and, at the risk of violating the US Constitution, I include it here for those of you who aren’t superstitious but want to invoke the Almighty in your quest for a snow day, this must be read by the window on a cold grey day. enjoy.

The warm is surpassed, in comes the arctic
blast, bring us heavy snow that will surely outlast.
In comes the cold – the skies fill with grey
keep this winter weather here – until sometime in May
The moisture condenses and freezes to white. Falling
through the air… so very light.
The snow falls fast, the trees glimmer like glass.
All of our stresses and differences become a
thing of the past.*
At night — the landscape is full of snow… the moon shines
down and reflects off… with a bright winter glow.
As we say this line by line, you will feel the winter chill
run down through your spine… yet again it’s the heavens
bringing your wish for a snow filled winter… 1 more time.
Happy Holidays my friends.

I would love to hear about your snow day rituals if you’d be willing to share.

Until next time…

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