Oh, there you are Spring!

Busy Week Ahead at the Middle School

This is supposed to be a hamster running in a wheel! It signifies how busy we are (tough when you have to explain graphics!)

We have a very busy week, for a short week, at school this week, We begin with Chris Record, GHS Principal, and several Guidance Counselors, Department Heads and others who will speak to our 8th graders about registering for classes for next year. He will also speak about all of the opportunities that the students will have during their four years at GHS and how to make the most of their High School careers. It will be a very informative morning and Chris does a great job at making the kids feel excited about next year.

Then 8 grade students will begin the registration process, with the help of our Guidance Counselor, Heather Kilborn (I’ll speak to this new name at the middle school later in this post).

On Wednesday, we have several students heading to Augusta to compete in the state level National History Day Competition. This competition asks students to research a particular topic, this year it has to do with revolution, reaction and reform. I have seen some of the students projects and their essays and I can report that we will have an excellent showing in this year’s competition. Jeff Carpenter has done a terrific job shepherding our students through this very long, difficult and highly educational process.

Thursday, the students will be dismissed at 11:10 am for the week and the teachers will be available for Parent Conferences beginning at 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm. On Friday, teachers will be available beginning at 8:00am until 2:00 pm. If you haven’t made arrangements to meet with your child’s teacher yet, please give them a call. There is an awful lot to talk about during these conferences besides how well your child is doing in class this year. We will very soon begin the process of placing students on next year’s teams of teachers, and your input and understanding of the teachers’ ideas will be very helpful to you.

Guidance Department Changes

Dawn Weber has gone out on an extended medical leave. She will be coming back to us in about 6 or 8 weeks. During her absence, Heather Kilborn, 3rd grade teacher from Village School will be filling in. Heather is a Certified Guidance Counselor and has worked with kids at the middle school level in the past. We are very lucky to have Heather and very thankful to our friends at Village School for letting her come to us.

If you want to contact Heather she can be reached at 222-1237 or email at heatherk@gorhamschools.org.

Inside the Teenaged Brain

Last week I inserted a link to an old PBS Frontline series called Inside the Teenage Brain, and  I promised that I would add more episodes. I think it is amazing what they have been able to understand about how the brain works. I also think that since that series first aired on PBS, there have been several improvements in allowing scientists to see the brain actually working. I would love for PBS to do an update of this series considering the changes technology since then.

I wonder how the brain works considering cell phone use, instant messaging and youtube and facebook. (Owww, I get a brain cramp just thinking about it!)

PBS Frontline Inside the Teenage Brain Episode two

Scholastic Book Fair

Don’t forget to come to the Scholastic Book Fair during Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday and Friday. Scholastic Books is a leading publisher of books for kids and young adults ( and old adults as well!). The great thing about these fairs is that the prices are great and the selections are as varied as any downtown book store. Please stop by the GMS Library and pick up a couple of great books!

School Dance on April 6th

Our regularly scheduled monthly dance will be in the GMS Gymnasium beginning at 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. Please be very mindful of our earlier requests in previous post regarding student use of cell phones at the dance. We also remind all about our dress code for dances, it is the same as a regular day at school. We thank you very much for your help in assisting us in enforcing these rules.

GMS Night at the Sea Dogs

Remember to save the date of Friday, April 27th for our 2nd annual GMS Night at the Sea Dogs.  We have several events going on at the ball park for our teachers and students. It should be a great night of fun, what a great way to start the weekend!

We are taking orders for the game now, in the Office. Tickets are General Admission and the cost is $5.00 ($1.00 off the regular price). Call Kristen to place your order at 222-1220.

GMS Students and Staff Creating a Lipdub

A What???? What’s a Lipdib and does it hurt?

The Ultimate in Lip Dubs - Milli Vanilli

A Lipdub is a music video, created by students, that takes a popular song and has the student lip synch to the music while video students doing interesting and humorous things within the school. Our Lipdub will include all of our students and teachers promoting our school. We will highlight our technology, our Code of Conduct, our Advisory Program, athletic teams and clubs in a very positive manner.

This is an excellent community building activity that will include every student and staff member in a very positive way. We have spent a great deal of time developing our sense of community with our Community Service Days, Diversity Day and Career Day, this is another way that we can create that community that will be fun and exciting.

2nd Annual GMS Film Festival

Hollywood comes to Gorham complete with limos and red carpets.

Our young film makers are very busy shooting editing and dubbing their films for the 2nd annual festival that will be held on Friday, June 8th in the GMS Auditorium. There are several teams of student film makers preparing entries into this year’s festival. We will keep you updated on this in the weeks to come, but circle the date and plan to be entertained!

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