Nothing Another Snow Day Couldn’t Fix! and I’m So Proud I Could Pop My Buttons!

Important News about the 8th Grade Celebration

We have hit a snag in planning for the 8th Grade Celebration this year. I don’t think it is something we can’t overcome, but we will need to have a meeting with parents to discuss some of the possible solutions. I am proposing, and you will receive a letter from me during Parent/Teacher Conferences about this, to hold an organizational meeting on Wednesday, April 4 in the GMS Library beginning at 6:30 pm.

The problem we have encountered is that our last day of school is June 13th, meaning that we would hold our Celebration festivities on the evening of June 12. Well…, the town of Gorham is holding the Municipal elections on that evening and one of the polling places is, you guessed it, our gymnasium.

We figured it might get a little crowded if we tried to hold both events simultaneously, and we should be gracious hosts, yada, yada, yada…. Truth is, the elections cannot be moved, so we’ll have to find a new time and or date for our event. Hence, the meeting on Wednesday, April 4.

We encourage you to attend, if you can’t make it that night, you can email Susie Hanley or me with your questions of ideas. We’re open to almost anything.

Fortunately, Kristen and Laurie have done a lot of planning to this point and we don’t need to plan things like fundraising and themes, but we do need to overcome this problem. I hope we see you her.

8th Grade Slide Show

We are still seeking pictures, lots of pictures, baby pictures, toddler pictures, cute pictures, and yes, maybe even embarrassing picture. OK, not really, no embarrassing pictures, please. We will be putting together a musical slide show for the students on their last day of school at GMS. We will show this slide show to the students at the end of the day on June 12th (unless we get a snow day!) and then about 30 minutes before the Celebration start time of 6:00 pm for the parents to enjoy. We will also have copies of a DVD available for sale to anyone who wishes to purchase one.

We are asking you to send your pictures into school, best if you send them in digitally via email and you can send them to Sending them digitally is best because we cannot lose your valuable pictures if you send them via email. We will be asking you to send the pictures by May 1st, so we can make sure we get the slide show done in time.

The Teenage Brain

The title of this section reminds of a Steven Wright comedy routine! You know, “why to we park in a driveway, and drive on a parkway?” Or, perhaps, that tried and true oxymoron, Jumbo Shrimp! The very idea of a teenager with a brain? OK, that’s harsh, I know it, I work with young adolescents everyday and the truth is, they are great! I couldn’t imagine working with any other age kids. The provide so much hope for the future, combined with a touch of frustration in the present. They remind us that there is such a thing as innocence, and it really is wonderful. And, finally, they let us know exactly where we stand, especially when we don’t want to hear it.

But, yes they do have brains and they certainly do work and they are in the midst of the second largest growth period in their life, next to the first 18 months of their life. Someone once said that the adolescent brain works 80 to 100 times faster than the adult brain! Remember that the next time you ask your teenager to do something for you… and it seems to take them all day just to get up!

Since I began this segment on the teenage brain in my posts, I have come across some wonderful articles and videos, probably enough to fill a year’s worth of posts. I promise you I won’t bore you too much, but I will pick out some selected, interesting (at least to me) videos to share with you.

PBS Frontline Inside the Teenage Brain episode 3

GMS Night at the Sea Dogs

We are now taking order for tickets for the April 27th Sea Dogs game. The 27th is a Friday night, so no excuses about having to get up too early the next morning…OK, I understand that some of us work on Saturdays and many of us have kids that have Cal Ripken ball games beginning early, so you are excused. But, the night should be fun, the GMS Chorus will be signing the National Anthem, several of our students will be honored before the game and, also, several of our teachers will be honored for their work in our community. One very lucky teacher will get to throw out the first pitch to start the game. It should be a lot of fun for the entire family, what better way to spend a Friday night in the Spring than at the ballpark!

National History Day

About an hour before I began writing this, I was informed that we had two of our students who competed in the state level National History Day competition, place first, thus qualifying them to compete at the National Competition in the Washington, D.C. area. We are extremely proud of our students Molly Van Luling and Avery Arena for their projects. We are also very proud of all of our students who competed. As an old social studies teachers, it does my heart good to see these wonderful kids get so involved in their projects, and I can tell you there were some great projects over the theme “Revolution, Reaction and Reform”.

Odyssey of the Mind

I love being able to report all of this stuff!

Last weekend we had three teams entered into the state Odyssey of the Mind Competition at Wells High School. Our three teams from the middle school placed, one first place, Team Classic with students Abby Van Luling, Hayley Bickford, Grant Hawkes, Nathan Bachner, Bridget Daigle & Max Harvey; one second place, Team Balsa, Teddy Lockman, Sam Martel, Sam Roussel and Coleman Dowdle; and one third place, Team Technical, Lizzie Lemieux, Molly VanLuling, Avery Arena, Maddie Joyal-Meyers, Claire Valentine and Em NejezcHeba.

Congratulations to all of them!

Lip  Dub Day  Has Arrived!

In my next post I will tell the tale of the GMS Lipdub day. I know that the I-Team has been very busy preparing for this day, rehearsing with the singers, making sure all advisory teams have their posters at the ready. All that is left to do is film it. When we get the lipdub completed, I will report out on it. It should be very interesting.

Until then….

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