Field Trips and Concerts, A Great Way to End the Year!

Field Trip Season

Now that the weather has turned (has it really?), we begin the season we affectionately call Field Trip Season. All of our grade levels and individual teams have planned some really terrific trips for our students. For example, not many people know that Portland has its own version of the Freedom Trail, but our 7th grade members of the Stroudwater Team will learn firsthand all about our very own Freedom Trail on Friday, June 1st.

The 8th grade Mount Desert Island Team will be traveling to the Portland Museum of Art to view the Degas exhibit and to learn more about what the city of Portland has to Funtown for their annual Physics Day. Now, I know what you’re all thinking, yea, sure, the students will be working… ha! Actually, they do have a packet that needs to be completed before they can really enjoy the park… but the packet isn’t that hard!

One of the most anticipated trips of the year is the 8th grade trip

Please check with your child’s team if you have any questions about when and where the may be traveling this Spring.

8th Grade Celebration

We are getting very close to finalizing the program for this very special evening for our departing students and their families. As of now, we will be holding the “Parent” portion of the evening at the High School, most likely in the gymnasium (because of occupation limits). We will then have the dance portion back here at the Middle School in our cafeteria. We have some folks who are arranging the decorating the cafeteria and 7th grade parents who are arranging for some of the food.

Hopefully, next year we can either have the correct amount of snow days, or the municipal election will be earlier.

Celebration Pizza Fundraiser

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! All of you are constantly asked to participate in so many fundraisers and you always come through to help our kids. So, let me say one more time, Thank You!

The pick up for the Pizza Fundraiser is the Wednesday and it will begin at 1:00 pm. In some cases, you child will be able to pick them up here at school and bring them home on the bus, but, some have sold quite a bit and it would probably be better to have them picked up by parents.

Call the office if you have any questions.

NWEA Testing

We have encountered a couple glitches as we try to administer the annual NWEA assessments. Beginning with having to postpone the testing by a week because of some problems with the files from NWEA to having a very key piece of equipment fail last week. But, fear not, we will trudge on and get these assessments done in the next few weeks.

MEA Science Assessment

Speaking of assessments, the Maine Educational Assessment Science test was given to all 8th graders on Thursday. This test is given to all 5th and 8th grade students in the state to assess progress toward the science standards. Unfortunately, we will not get the results of these tests until late August or early September. These results will be sent to you when the come in.

GMS Chorus Hosting Cape Elizabeth MS Chorus

This week we are honored to welcome our friends from Cape Elizabeth Middle School Chorus to GMS. They will be here for two days this week, Monday for rehearsals and then on Wednesday for a joint concert in the GMS Auditorium. The concert begins at 7:00 pm, we hope you can make this very entertaining evening of youthful music.

Update on the Documentary “Bully”

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that the Documentary Bully had been re-reviewed and was now rated PG-13. That was good news since if it remained R rated, many of our students would not be able to view it. Well, since then, it is now showing at theaters in Maine, locally at Cinemax in Saco. You can check their web site for days and times.

Laptops, Text books and Library Books

With the end of the year come the logistics of making sure that we get everything collected, counted and stored. With this in mind, we want everyone to know that the laptops will be collected for the summer on Friday, June 8th. All advisers will be checking to make sure that all students have a device, a charger (meaning the charger that was assigned to that student) and a carrying case.

The Library will be closing for inventory on Friday, June 1st. This means that all books need to be turned back into the Library before this date. If you have lost a book that belongs to the Library, please be prepared to pay for a replacement.

Placement for Next Year

We are currently in the process of placing students on teams for next year. First, I want to thank everyone for getting their information about their child in to us in a very timely fashion. Both Mrs. Hanley and I read each and every one to make sure that we do the right thing for our students. I also thank you for not making requests for specific teachers or teams. As I am sure you all know, the district uses a Placement Protocol that is followed in all grades and in all schools.

We will be letting everyone know on step up day (June 12), what team they will be on and who they will have as an Adviser. We appreciate your help and your patience with this very important job.

As We Look to Next Year

Last post I talk about our Student Handbook and the fact that we review this every year, hoping to improve what it is that we do. I was asking for some parent input into the contents of the handbook. I think we may have some shy people out there (that, or no one is reading this!). If you have some ideas about how we can improve what we do, please drop us an email or give us a call.

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