Cue Alice Cooper

Cue Alice Cooper

OK, I got that out of my system!

What Do Principals Do in the Summer

I am assuming that I mean besides playing golf!

Surprisingly, there is quite a bit of work that we do in the summer months that help us start the school year off right and make it easier for all of us when the students return in August.

For example, much of the school’s purchasing is done during the summer months. Of course this hasn’t always made a whole lot of sense to me because when we order stuff, we have to pay for it. And, we may not use much of the supplies until later in the year. So, why would I want to buy one ton of clay in July, when we won’t be using it until November? I realize that by November our budgets may be frozen because of funding cutbacks and the like, but, maybe we wouldn’t have budget problems if we managed the funds better!

Anyway, that is one of the things we do in the summer.

We also have several groups of teacher working this summer on several projects like the upcoming Common Core State Standards and what they will mean to our students in math and English/Language Arts. By the way, we have received most of our new math text books and all of our math teachers are reviewing them and writing lessons for the students for next year.

The student handbook is being reviewed and updated with any necessary changes or some of the inconsistencies that appear need to be fixed. We also do that for the Faculty Handbook as well.

But… we still find time for lots of golf and pool time. I hope that you are enjoying this fine weather as well.

And this:

Foreign Language at GMS

We are quite happy to report that our Modern and Classical Languages offerings will be the same next year. We were quite worried that there would be changes in that area, but, no, as of today, we are all coming back and we are excited about that!

We will also continue to offer to students who demonstrate an interest and a level of achievement in all of their classes, a course on Mandarin Chinese through the Rosetta Stone program. Information about that will be forth coming in the next couple of weeks.

What are Some of the Activities You and Your Family are Doing?

We would love to hear about some of the activities you and your family are doing this summertime. Just click on the box below “Just Leave A Reply” and tell us about your travels and adventures. I would love to hear about them.

Did I mention I was going to play golf?

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