Can This Weather Get Any Better!!

Lots of Reminders (and one you don’t really need!)

While we enjoy this stretch of incredible weather, I guess I should remind all that winter isn’t that far away (which will please our Tech Integrator, Terri Dawson, no end!).

While I am in the “reminder mode”, I thought it would be prudent to remind all of our parents of students who plan to play sports at school this fall that every student is required to have a current physical on file with the school nurse. Students cannot participate in any athletic activities until we have that physical on file.

You may want to call your family physician to arrange this.

First Days of School

The first day of school on August 29th is for Kindergarten, 6th graders and 9th graders only. Each school is planning activities that will get these “new to their school” students comfortable in their new surroundings without the challenges of having to “older” kids around.

The rest of the students will report for their first day on August 30th. All students will then have the next four days off for the Labor Weekend, returning to school on Tuesday September 4.

GMS Open House

The Gorham Middle School Open House for parents will be Tuesday evening, September 4th beginning at 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm. During this time, teachers will be in their classrooms to meet with parents of their new students, answer questions about the coming year that parents may have and to show off their classrooms.

There will be plenty of information in the Lobby available to parents to inform about activities, school-wide expectations and support and services available. We look forward to seeing all of you that night.

E-Magination Camp

The Sebago Educational Alliance is holding a one-day technology camp at Windham High School on August 10th. The camp will offer sessions that will teach students to use Acorn, Garage Band and IMovie, plus lots more. Parents may join their child at no extra cost. If you are interested check out the E-magination web site: Emagination

Middle School Office to Reopen on August 13

Our secretaries will be back at their desks on Monday, August 13th. However, if you need anything before that date, please feel free to email me at

I know that there are some concerns about placements issues that still need to be addressed, and we will address them after the 20th of August. I ask for your patience as we review each situation carefully. Thank you.

What About All Those Forms????

I have had a few emails about completing the forms for next year and getting them back to school in a timely fashion.

We will be sending home a whole bunch of forms (poor trees!) with your child after the first day of school. There will be plenty of time to get them back to us during that first week of September.

I should take this time ti remind everyone about the school lunch program and federally subsidized lunch plans for our students. This program does require that parents fill out forms in order to qualify. Many parents feel that they either don’t need this program or they don’t qualify for the benefits.

I would ask that all parents complete this form and return it, even if you think you don’t need it or qualify for it. There is a significant benefit to the school in the form of funding for each form returned, so everyone that is returned helps the school.


The Middle School has registered with CLINK to provide us with recycling for all of our returnables. Throughout the school, we will place CLINK bags in each of our recycling bins and designate one team of club activity per month to collect the bags and prepare them for pick up. We hope that by adding this to our repetoire of fundraising activities, we’ll not have to hold as many fundraising activities during the year.

We can also make labels available to families who would like to donate their returnables to the GMS Account. All you need to do is call the Main Office for the labels.

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