Thoughts While Standing Over a 10 Foot Putt!

Iiiittttt’ssss Coming!

Yes, the start of school is just around the corner. August 1st is the real turning point in the summer for many of us. Just when my golf game starts to feel good… school starts!

Here is the link to the Official School Calendar for the Gorham School District. You will notice that we have a four-day weekend over the Labor Day weekend. Also, the Thanksgiving Break is the same as the past two years, with school in session on Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week.
Also, the 6th graders will be the only students coming on Wednesday, August 29th. The rest of the students for one day on the 30th. Then we all have the long, last weekend of the summer!

New Faces at GMS

We have some new faces joining us this coming year at GMS. Unfortunately, that means we have to say “good bye” to a couple of old friends.

Allison Mains will be joining us this year as our Instructional Strategist, taking the place of Kathy Pizzo. Kathy has received a “promotion” of sorts. She has finally made it to High School. She will be joining our good friends at GHS in the same position she had here, and, I expect that she will do for the High School what she has done here, an incredibly great job.

Allison comes to us from Saco Middle School, where she was a Special Education Teacher for grades 6 though 8.

Brian King, OK, he isn’t really new to us, will be joining our Special Education Staff as a math teacher and 8th grade adviser on the MDI Team. Brian has been an Ed Tech in our Behavior Support Program and he completed an internship with Aaron Ouellet in 8th grade math. Brian is trying to fill the shoes of Kim Bennett who has “turned to the dark side” (administration) as the new Assistant Principal at South Portland High School. We wish Kim all the best and we know what a resource South Portland has gotten.

Team Supply Lists

I have received several emails regarding what supplies does my child need to start the school year?

Your child should have brought the list home with them from the step up day activities, but we understand what happens to pieces of paper that get put into backpacks with the aim of getting home to parents. Alas!

So, in the interest of helping the economy, I am going to list what each team has requested of their students:


6th Grade

Eagle Team

-(2)3 ring binders (1 1/2 inch ring size) They need to be durable to last all year.

-(1) 3 ring binder (1 inch) durable

-(1) 3 ring binder (1 ½ inch) durable to be used for portfolio

-1 spiral bound notebook for LA.

-3 packages notebook dividers

-1 package plastic sleeves for portfolio

-1 package notebook paper

-Pencils-at least 3 packages.

-3 packages lined index cards


-fat and thin colored markers



-Fine line sharpies

-Colored pencils

-Pencil case (with holes to keep in binder)


-Yellow highlighter

-Thumb drive

-Box of tissues

-Ear buds to be used with laptop in class

-Book covers. Paper bags work well as the books are oversized.

Moosehead Team

School Supply List
Pocket Folder with two pockets for Health
2 Hard cover 3 ring binder (2 inch) – Core Classes, 2 classes per binder
4 Packets of five dividers with write on tabs
USB Flash Drive
2 Packages of loose-leaf paper
Erasers (pencil top type)
Pens – Blue and Black
Colored Pencils
Glue Sticks (no liquid)
12-inch ruler with customary and metric measurement (with holes to fit in binder)
Box of tissues for the classroom
Extra fine point black Sharpies
2 Book Covers (Book Socks – Extra Large)
Ear Buds
****IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT substitute the binders for accordion folders or trapper keepers. Binders are a requirement for all students.
**Helpful tip: If you choose different colors for your binders, it will be easier to find the right one for the right class!

Sebago Team

(2) durable 3 ring binders (11/2 inch ring size) for subject organization
(LA/SS, Math/Science)
(4) 2 pocket folders with 3 fasteners for ELA
3    packages notebook dividers (with tabs)
(1) spiral bound notebook for writing/reading journal
pencils – lots of pencils
2 or 3 red pens
notebook paper
fine line Sharpies (for art and map work)
colored pencils giuesticks
4    packages white lined 3×5 index cards
yellow highlighter
book covers (paper bags work best because books are oversized)
Optional Supplies
locker shelf Lockers measure 34″ x 13″ x 9″.
A combination lock for PE
A Thumb drive
Box of tissues

7th Grade Lists

Little River Team

  • Notebook Paper
  • Small Sticky Notes (for making small notes in novels)
  • Pencil Box
  • Pencils
  • Clear Plastic Sleeves (to put work in their portfolios)
  • Highlighters
  • Glue Sticks
  • Tissues
  • Calculator
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Colored Pencils
  • Sharpies (thin and thick)

Stroudwater Team
1 –  One subject spiral notebook
1 – Three subject spiral notebook- tear-out and with pockets
White Board Markers
Pencils/ Pens
Calculator (basic)
Glue Sticks
1 Box of Tissues
Ear Phones (if possible)
Thumb Drive (if: possible)
* Have a READING BOOK Daily *
If this is a hardship Cor any reason, please contact your child’s advisor.

Harraseeket Team
4 one inch binders with dividers and paper for each
notebook dividers  (4 sets)
black/blue pens and pencils
whiteboard markers
markers and colored pencils
notebook paper
plastic sheet protectors
glue sticks
3″x5″ index cards
1GB USB Flash Drive
scientific calculator (optional)

8th Grade Lists

Monhegan Team

Supply List:
1 – large 3 or 4 inch hard cover three ring binder for L.A.
3 – one and a half inch binders
lots of three ring white-lined notebook paper
a scientific calculator and 3 book covers
a set of colored markers and colored pencils
Accordion style or other homework folder
set of 20 page protectors (clear plastic portfolio envelopes)
dividers; pencil box; glue sticks; pens; pencils; white out


2″ binder for each class
Dividers and loose leaf paper for each binder
Glue Sticks
Index Cards
Pens (blue or black, and red for LA)
Colored Pencils
Fine line Markers

Peaks Team

4 – one and 1/2 or 2 inch 3 ring binders (one for each class)
dividers for binders (5 for each binder)
white lined notebook paper
dry erase markers
glue sticks
colored pencils
black fine line marker (for projects and posters)
thumb drive
book covers
index cards

If anyone should find that acquiring any of these supplies create a hardship on your family, pleas contact your child’ adviser or me, and we will make alternate arrangements.

Getting School Ready for the First Day

I am sure that many folks wonder what goes on inside a school building during the summer. OK, probably not many folks wonder, at least those with a life (not like me!).

The crew has been very busy stripping floors and re-applying a heavy coat of wax so that the floors can endure the constant foot traffic of 620 kids every day, not to mention one very over weight Principal! All of the walls are scrubbed and all marks and signs of wear and tear are removed. The desks get a very good scrubbing and, where necessary, a new coat of paint is applied, as was the case today.

Also on today’s schedule was a massive cleaning of the Cafeteria. All of the equipment was taken out of the kitchen area and the floor were completely stripped and cleaned.

When you figure the size of the Middle School, and then add four other buildings into the mix, it is quite a monumental task to have all of the buildings ready for the start of school.

I didn’t mention that some of the schools are in use for community activities during the summer and that tends to “get in the way” of some of the cleaning.

Out intrepid crew of cleaners, painters, scrubbers etc. do an incredible job of keeping our schools looking great. Thanks to all of them!

Sports Physicals

Another quick reminder that any student who wishes to participate in any athletic activity at the middle school must have had a recent physical (within the last two years). I remind you of this now because we have a lot of folks (and Doctor Offices) scrambling to get kids in during the first week of school.

Our physicals last for two years and they can be used for several activities such as youth football and soccer. You need only get one and you can get multiple copies to give to each organization.

Middle School Algebra

For the past four years we have offered an Algebra 1 course to 8th graders who met a certain criteria. We are in the process of examining how well that program has helped students when they went to the high school.

We will be convening a committee of Teachers, Administrators and Parents to review the success of the program and determine any adjustments that may be needed in the coming years. If you are interested in being a member of that committee please send me an email at

We plan to begin meeting on this in late September or Early October.

Now, back to that ten foot putt…

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