Cue the Turkey

Laptops Over Thanksgiving Break

Since we have no plans to do any maintenance of updates on the laptops over the Thanksgiving Break, there is no reason that the students cannot bring them home with them. We do remind all parents and students that they are financially responsible for any damage to the machines and that the laptops will still shutdown at 10:00 pm each week night and at 11:00 pm on the weekend nights.

As always, parents can tel their child to leaver the laptops at school for the long holiday break.

Note: We will be performing maintenance and updates on the laptops over the Christmas Break and the laptops will need to left at school at that time.

Family Math Night at GMS

On Thursday night, November 29th, we will be holding a Math Night to review with parents many of the elements of our brand new math series. We introduced the series at the beginning of school after quite a few months of reviewing several series from several different vendors. The series we chose, from Glencoe, is aligned to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) math requirements and has several resources that can help students gain a better understanding of math and, more importantly, offer to parents lots of resources to help you child with their homework.

The evening will begin at 6:30 in the GMS Library, please join us for this very informative night.

GMS Night at The Portland Sea Dogs

We are in negotiations with the Portland Sea Dogs on finding a good night for the GMS Night at The Sea Dogs. There are a couple of dates available during the month of May, one has a fireworks display after the game on a Friday night. If you have a preference of nights, could you please let me know and I will set up the evening.

Community Service Day

Our next early release day is December 12th. On this day, all of our Advisory Groups will be performing some kind of Community Service within the our school or town that will be beneficial. Our main objective of this day is to demonstrate to our students that service to fellow citizens is the highest calling of humanity and that while we are giving of our self, we are also receiving benefits. In the next couple of weeks I will list some of the activities that some of the Advisory Groups will be engaging in.

If your group or organization would like to have an Advisory Group come to offer their services, please give me a call.

Our Wish for Thanksgiving

The entire Gorham Middle School Community wishes that each of you have the opportunity to enjoy these holidays with family and friends. We hope that if you are traveling, your travels are safe and uneventful and that the blessings of this holiday season be upon each and everyone of you.

Seeking Help and Assistance

OK, before all the jokes start flying, I know I need help!!!!

But, what I am really asking for is help in developing an early release day activity for my students. On April 11, we have an early release day for kids AND it is also Encourage the Young Writer Day. We are hoping to attract writers of all kinds to work with our students to encourage them to become better at writing, all kinds of writing.

We would be looking for authors of all stripes to encourage our students in this endeavor. So, if you are a writer of any kind and you have nothing to do on the morning of April 11, 2013 and you would like to dedicate a couple of hours to encouraging young writers, could you please give me a call at 207-222-1220.

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