Happenings This Week at GMS


Important Upcoming Dates

  • December 5 – Faculty meeting in the Library at 2:30.
  • December 12 – GMS Community Service Day during our Early Release Day
  • December 12 – The Teacher Workshop portion of the Early Release Day will focus on technology.
  • December 13 – Monthly PIE meeting in the GMS Library beginning at 6:00 pm
  • December 14 – Progress Reports go home to with students.
  • December 14 – School Dance sponsored by the 8th Grade 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the GMS Gym
  • December 19 – Faculty Holiday get together during the faculty meeting. Details to follow.
  • December 21 – Last school day of the year activities: Music Concerts, team activities and the annual Student/Faculty Basketball game.
  • December 24 – January 1- Christmas Holiday Break

Holiday Giving

Each year, with the tremendous efforts of our School Nurse Teresa Merrill, Gorham Middle School community work to proved some “Holiday Cheer” bell01to some of the families in our community who are struggling through tough times. In the weeks leading up to the Holiday Break, Teresa collects non-perishable food items and the “fixings” for a wonderful holiday meal, complete with a turkey, to be distributed to these families. She also gathers a wonderful collection of wrapped gifts that can be distributed to the children of these families so that they may also participation in the celebration of the season.

If you would like to help make the holidays brighter for those in our community who are facing difficult times, you can do so by coming into the office and taking a tag with a description of a gift. Each tag has description of a child, age, gender and a suggestion for a gift. The tags are on the cabinet doors behind Laurie’s desk. Thank you for all your help in making the holidays special for our kids.

Scholastic Books Sale

schoalstic logoFirst disclaimer is that we do not receive an remuneration from Scholastic for this plug!

This sale is so amazing, that it should not be missed. Books for as much as 80% off the cover price and a great selection too. They also have lots of other stuff that make great stocking stuffers for kids and adults. The sale begins on December 6th and runs through December 15th. It is at the Scholastic Books warehouse in the Saco Industrial Park.

For more information you can checkout the sale on the Scholastic Books website. (I think you can also get a coupon for a discount)

Annual GMS Talent Show

There will be tryouts for the annual presentation of the GMS Talent Show on December 10th in the Auditorium. Students interested in being a part of this show may sign up on the sign up sheet posted on the wall in the tlntshowcafeteria. We are always looking for talented faculty members to perform for our audience, so if you have a talent, sign up with Donna Pastore for a spot in the show. The date of the show is January 10th in the GMS Auditorium.

Laptops over vacation

Students will not be taking their laptops home over the vacation so that we can perform some routine maintenance, inventory and some updates to the image. We expect that these updates will be complete when the students return from the Christmas Break.

Project Zero Waste

We have a group of students from the Little River Team who are taking on the project of making Gorham Middle School a Zero Waste location. I will let their words describe their project:

12312_85203_0 We throw out an astounding amount of waste each day, so this will be a tough but rewarding goal to reach. To reach this goal we must educate people besides us (the little river house) in the six steps to zero waste.

The first (thoughtful design) means company’s designing  products with little packaging. Buying smart means buying the products that have been thoughtfully designed  and buying things that we will use more than once (so they don’t end up in the dumpster). Reusing means passing down things like toys that you’re to old for,  clothes you’ve outgrown and other things you generally don’t want anymore. This also means re-purposing old things turning them into new items that you can use once again. Recycling means to put things like paper and bottles into recycling bins (or clink bags). Step five is composting is taking “compostable” items (like fruit, eggshells,vegetables and lawn clippings) and putting them in a pile or bin were they decompose then turn in to dirt. You can use this for your garden. Finally waste to energy. Waste to energy is taking trash and sending it to a waste-to-energy plant. There, they will take the trash and turn it into energy. Here in Maine we have EcoMaine (you can read more about it here: http://www.ecomaine.org/).  To read more about the steps and different ways we can use them go here: http://www.chewonki.org/zerowaste/default.asp. Here at GMS you too, can help us get to zero waste in a couple of ways! Such as not throwing out as much food waste at lunch and reusing scrap paper.

I know this can be a real challenge (Zero Waste), but it is truly a challenge we should all accept and strive toward. Our students have offered us several ways to tackle the challenge and I am sure that they can provide more, if you would like. Talk to any one of the Little River Students about this.

Mindful Celebrations

Last week, I mentioned the idea of Holiday Celebrations in school and I think that this is important enough to mention again.

For most of our students this is the most exciting time of the year, next to summer vacation. Students, this year, will have an extended time away from school (eleven days) than any other vacation. Some students will be traveling to family, going on vacation or skiing, having family traveling to them. They may have great celebrations of family planned.

There are, however, some students who will be missing the safest and most important place in their lives, school.

I do not want us to eliminate our celebrations at all, I am asking the we “raise our antennae” to make sure that any student who may appear to be troubled by the upcoming vacation time away from school is noticed. If you have any questions about students that appear to be withdrawing, please let Thom, Dawn, Susie or me know.

There really is so much magic about the holiday season, hoping for snow, getting together with friends and family, great TV specials and wonderful, uplifting music. I hope that we all have wonderful memories to be made in the coming weeks.

GMS Community Service Day

I have seen some wonderful examples of Community Service offerings for our Advisory groups for the upcoming Community Service Day. This could can_collection_2-583-95-115-80-cnot come at a better time of the year for our community as we all prepare for the holiday season. I look forward to visiting each of the groups during this day and witnessing, firsthand, all of this great work.

Can I ask each of you to take pictures, or videos, of your students working on their project. This makes for great PR for our school, and it is great to include some of these activities in publications like our yearbook and my monthly reports to the school committee, not mention here on this blog!

Final Note (for this edition!)

Bowling AlleyA group of us were attending a workshop in Augusta last week and there were several members of the high school faculty present. Some how the talk turned to bowling, and some how, I issued a small challenge to them about our prowess at the bowling alley. I am asking you, before I issue the “real” challenge, are we interested in taking on the HS faculty in some sort of “match” on the bowling alley?

If you could let me know by Friday, I will then call Mr. Record and ask him if they “have their game on”.

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