What are We Teaching Our Kids?????


Tuesday afternoon, as the students were being dismissed at the end of the day, the talk in the hallway was about the coming storm. The kids (and some teachers) were asking each Snowflakeother about their thoughts of school tomorrow, will we, or won’t we have school tomorrow.

As would be expected, when the kids saw me gathering with the students in my advisory, they all began to ask me if I was going to cancel school tomorrow? My response to them was that they really had control of that question. They all looked at me as if I had two heads and asked me to explain what I meant.

So, I asked how many of them were going to sleep with a spoon under their pillow. The looks I got to that question were as blank as the their response to my question about the importance of the Magna Carta.

My next question was about wearing their PJ’s inside out, and the stares grew more blank (if that’s possible!). Mrs. Cooper, an 8th grade teacher, chimed in with her sure-fire way to get a snow day by putting ice cubes in the toilet, more blank stares!snowflake2

So, I say again, what are we teaching our kids?

The internet is filled with lots of tricks to get snow days. I have already mentioned a couple, the PJ’s, the spoons and the ice cubes, but there are lots more out there are sure fire ways to guarantee that you’ll have a snow day.

The best that I have heard so far however, is to rent a couple of snow machines and bring them to the Principal’s house, bury his house in snow. Make sure you cut his cable TV and phone line and then pray he doesn’t catch you.

I would love to hear from you about what tricks you use to guarantee a snow day.

In the meantime enjoy this snowball fight brought to you by Coca Cola.

I hope you enjoyed your snow day.

2 thoughts on “What are We Teaching Our Kids?????

  1. I believe the GHS Class of 2008 buried all the entrances to GHS with snow bankings and iced the locks as their Senior Class Trick. It did result in a snow day. I’m not sure I would share this with your students. ; ) I always told my kids if the finished all of their homework it was much more likely they would have a snow day. Unfinished homework almost always guaranteed there would be school.

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