Thoughts While Waiting for the Storm!


Upcoming Important Dates

  • March 19 – 8th Grade Parent Night in the Gorham High School auditorium beginning at 6:30 pm. Postponed until March 25th.
  • March 20 & 21 Tooth Fairies Return
  • March 21 – Organizational meeting for the Celebration of Middle School 6:30 GMS Library
  • March 28 – Presentation for school of Peter Panic. Schedule forth coming.
  • March 29 & 30 – The GMS presentation of the school musical Peter Panic
  • March 28 & 29 – Parent Teacher Conferences
  • April 4 – CPR Training at GMS, please see Teresa for details.
  • April 5 – 3rd Quarter Ends
  • April 5 – School Dance sponsored by Little River and Peaks
  • April 11 – Report Cards go him with students at dismissal
  • April 11 – Early Release Day for students
  • April 12 – Teacher Workshop day, no school for students.

Report Cards

The 3rd Quarter ends on Friday, April 5, I know this hard to believe! We should be report cardprepared to have report cards ready for disbursement to students on Thursday, April 11.

As an aside to this, as I write this, we are in anticipation of a couple of snow storms this week that may (if Terri Dawson keeps dancing) cancel school. If this happens, we may think about extending the quarter by a week with report cards going home after vacation. We’ll let you all know.


YearbookclipartDid you know that you could order Gorham Middle School Yearbooks online? You can order online by going to until April 5th. The cost of the Yearbook remains at $20.00 and it is a lasting memory for years to come.

When ordering online you will need to have the Gorham Middle School Yearbook ID Code. Our Code is: 3788213.

If you do not want to order online, you can still order through the school until April 12 by completing the order form that your child should have brought home. The cost is still $20.00.

Middle School Musical

Save the dates of Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30 to take in the annual MiddlePETERPANIC School Production of Peter Panic. The students have been working hard under the great direction of Senora Krohn and they have lots of surprises and great songs and dance for all to enjoy.

There will be a bake sale during the intermission for all to enjoy home cooked goods. Please don’t miss this annual treat of student talents.

Encourage the Young Writer

quillI am again making the call for all who know someone or who must write as a part of their job to join our Encourage the Young Writer day and share your passion and skills for writing with our students. Too often, when our students are asked to write the view if as a real chore and not a pleasurable experience. Yet we all know that when we begin to write for a purpose that is meaningful to us, the words can just come streaming forth.

Our goal for this day to allow our students to see that writing is more than just writing reports or essays, it can really be a medium for expressing one’s ideas and thoughts as well as a way to get something off your mind. It can also be a way to inform and to entertain many people as well as express a point of view.

If you would like to present to our students about your way of writing, please contact me at the school 207-222-1228 or my cell at 207-999-1579.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

By now, your child’s Advisor should have contacted you about scheduling Parent/Teacher conferences for either Thursday evening, March 28 or Friday during the day, March 29. If neither of those dates work for you because you are going to be out of town or busy at work, please contact your child’s Advisor and schedule an alternate time.

As we have done for the past few year, your schedule time will be with your child’s Advisor. If you want to schedule a time with your child’s content area teachers to discuss a specific issue of question, you may also do this at this time. Please let your child’s Advisor know of this and ask to contact the content area teacher to schedule a time separate form the time with the Advisor.

Funny Film Clip

At our last Faculty meeting, I showed a short, but very funny film clip that many of you wanted to have to be able to show to others. As a preliminary to showing this, I must report that I regularly cajole my staff to become more “tree friendly” by using less paper and using more digital documents, so, the guy in this clip kind of sounds a little like me.

In any event enjoy this clip:

GMS Calendar on First Class

We have been having a little difficulty with allowing everyone to see the events that have been scheduled during the year on the calendar on First Class. Kristen has been inputting every field trip and in school event, religiously, but the haven’t been showing up on the public calendar. Trust me, we are working to correct this, so, please keep sending the dates of your team’s events and field trips to Kristen for the calendar and we’ll let you know when we get it fixed. Hopefully, very soon!

Lessons from Skateboarders

About 12 years ago, I came across an article in Ed Leadership in which the author wrote of skateboardhis observations of young kids practicing their tricks on skateboards at different downtown locations. The author pointed out, perhaps with a bit of preconceived notions, that these youngsters might not be your best classroom citizens.

He expressed, with amazement, how resilient and persistent these kids were about learning the different tricks even though failure could be very painful. He wrote about how each “skate rat” was willing to share their knowledge about the subtleties of the trick and how receptive the “rat” experiencing failure was to receive the constructive criticism.

I came away from this article with a whole new respect for all kids and their natural desire to learn. I also recognized that the traditional classroom rituals may not be reaching as many as I once thought.

Now come a video from a young man who has a PhD in Physics and a skateboard to challenge my beliefs about grading. I will let you all decide if he has a good idea!


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