I am sure that many of us had friends and family in Boston on Monday to view the running of the renowned Boston Marathon. I am also sure that we all feel the same level of disgust and anger as we think about the extreme loss of innocence that we all experienced by these actions of some sick and deranged individuals.

It is beyond all human comprehension to imagine what kind of thinking would drive someone, or somebodies, to think that the only way they can have their voice heard is to create such carnage and prey upon the innocent such as an 8 year old boy or a 29 year old woman!

Having grown up just outside of Boston and attended many Boston Marathons with my family and friends, I never, ever thought that anyone would think that this would be the perfect arena to express their hatred and anger. The Boston Marathon, and all that goes along with that day, the remembrances of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the Ride of Paul Revere and, yes, even Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, has always been the picture of the purest type of competition. Elite runners on the same playing field with amateurs and folks running to raise money for charities, people who are attempting to fulfill a life-long dream of defeating “Heart Break Hill” and the legends of Johnny Kelly, the elder and the younger,  Dick and Rick Hoyt and even Rosie Ruiz make this a very special event in all of American Sports. And now, it has been scarred!

But make no mistake about this, The Boston Marathon will return larger, stronger and with a collection of Americans and those who hold the same strong beliefs of America, and they will run on the wings of the angels of history and all those who have sacrificed to defeat those who would destroy all that we have accomplished.


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