Last One of the Year… But Check Back Often in the Summer

topperMiddleUpcoming Important Dates

  • June 11 – Municipal Referendum on School Budget
  • June 12 – Faculty Meeting location TBD
  • June 14 – Step Up Day for grades K-8
  • June 17 – Last day of school
  • August 26 – Teacher In Service Day 8:00 am GMS

Citizen’s Referendum June 11

The next to the final step for the approval of the 2013-14 school budget is the Citizen’s Referendum on June 11. It will be incumbent upon all of the citizens of Gorham to vote and express their preferences for how tax dollars are to be spent. As with all elections and referendum, this is our chance to have our voices heard and to decide the direction for our town.

If you are a citizen of Gorham, we encourage you raise your voice with an opinion by casting your secret ballot in this referendum.

GMS Job Shadow Day

I wanted to publicly say a huge “thank you” to all of the local business who helped our 8th grade students get a very engaging look in to the world of work during our 1st annual Career Job Shadow Day. Susie Hanley, Assistant Principal and Ryan Watts, Transition Counselor for GHS & GMS did a great job of reaching out to the business in our community and our community responded (as they always do!).

The students had the opportunity to visit Moody’s Collision Center to learn that there is far more to the Auto Body Industry that “just banging metal” as one student stated. Our new friends at LKQ, a local branch or a company that offers after market, Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts for the auto repair industry showed our students how the take a wrecked car and completely recycle each and every component of the destroyed vehicle.

Gorham House, a Maine Retirement and Assistant Living Center had 10 of our students get to see that is takes many more occupations than they first thought to carefully care for this growing segment of our population (a subject very close to my heart as the years pass by!).

We had students visit construction sites with Great Falls Builders. Some student got see what goes on behind those doors in Hannaford that we see people coming out of with pallets and carts filled with groceries for stocking the shelves. A couple of students even got to the world of physical therapy up close and personal at Bank in Motion.

We also had lots of students actually go to work with their parents and guardians to see how hard they work to put food on the table and clothes on their back.

In all it was a very successful day for all students, judging from the feedback we received from all of students. I’ve said this many times here, but it is truly gratifying to work in a community that cares so deeply for their children. This is a wonderful example of how our town “walks the walk”! Thank you.

MLTI Laptop Information

As the year comes to a close, we are facing a couple big events in the world of technology at the Middle School. The first is the end-of-lease of the 4th iteration of the MLTI program. The school district intends to purchase all of the middle school devices to use to restore the 6th grade to one-to-one, after a hiatus of one year. This will greatly enhance the technology capabilities of all 6th graders.

The 2nd event will be the selection of the device that the Middle School will use next year in grades 7 & 8. The has chosen the Hewlett-Packard Pro Book 4440 as the primary device to be supplied to all 7th and 8th grade students. However, schools were given the opportunity to select from 5 different offers up to the amount of the cost of the HP Primary offer. We will have to decide by June 13th, as that is the date we must let MLTI and the state know our choice.

I will let you know as soon as the School Committee makes a selection.

In the meantime, all current laptops should be safely stored in each charging station. Students and teachers may have access to them during this last week of school while they are at school. The devices will not be allowed to go home.

K- 8 Step Up Day

All students in grades K – 8 will be participating in the Step Up Day activities. We realize the the 8th grade has already met their next year teachers and practiced running a shortened schedule, they will again go to High School for a short activity so we, at the Middle School, can welcome our newest members to our family.

The activities will begin when the 5th grade students arrive from their respective schools, we expect around 9:15 or 9:20. The 8th graders will then board the bus for the high school and all other grades will wait for the announcements before moving. We will follow the schedule that was sent out last week:

5th graders will get off the busses and be led into the auditorium
8th graders will be called down to board buses to GHS with many ed. tech
7th graders will be escorted to 8th grade common area
6th grade teachers will leave their kids in gym to be picked up by 7th grade teachers

5th will be returned to the auditorium to wait for busses to arrive
6th grade teachers go straight to their rooms to receive student back from 7th grade
7th grade teachers get ready to receive your students back from the 8th grade
8th graders to gym to “find their seats”

The Allied Arts schedule, thanks to Denis Albert, will be as follows:

8-8:51a – Stroudwater / Little River to A.A.
8:51-9:15a – Advisory
9:15-10:35a – Step Up Day
11:01-11:39a – Haraseeket to A.A.
11:40-12:18p – Moosehead to A.A.
12:19-12:57p – Eagle to A.A.
12:58 – 1:36p – Sebago to A.A.
1:36-Dismissal – Advisory

10:36-11:01a – 7th grade lunch
11:01-11:26a – 6th grade lunch

There will be no 8th grade A.A. classes.

Harriseeket Science Fair

The teachers and students of the Harriseeket Team have extended an invitation to all students and teachers of GMS to join them on Tuesday for the Student Science Fair. Mike McCarthy has sent out a schedule that you can use to determine when you can bring you students.

I encourage all of you to plan to attend this very enlightening event. The students have put in a great deal of quality learning time in producing what have always been excellent presentations and products. The students also love to tell different people about what they found out. I hope you all can make it.

EICAL Proposals

Over the past couple of weeks, I have received a couple of proposals for changing, or adjusting, our EICAL for next year.

I am not opposed to doing this, but I need to make sure that we all know that we are not going to return to the time when we had a Tutorial everyday. I believe our current arrangement, Tutorial on Tuesdays and Thursday, is a good compromise for getting students “caught up” because of sick days or missing work for other reasons.

We do not need to make a decision before August, so I am asking that we all continue to think about this and be prepared to return in August with some ideas that we can discuss during our first couple of faculty meetings.

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