Closing Out The Year and Setting up the New Year

topperMiddleSummer Enjoyment

As I write this on a muggy, dank and, less than sunny Friday morning, I hope that each and everyone of you are enjoying these first days of summer. Last Sunday, I got up very early this morning in the hopes of viewing the “Super” moon, but alas, my hopes were dashed by a thick bank of rain clouds. I hope I don’t have to wait a lifetime for the next “Super” moon to come around!

We have been very busy closing out the year, collecting forgotten text books and making phone calls to parents to remind them their child still owes money for lost locks and damaged computers. We are also listening to parents concerns about their child’s placement for next year. Stress and anxiety over not being placed with friend or on certain teams seem to be the biggest concerns. We listen, but there is very little we can do after the teams have been made and the assignments given. The district has a very strict protocol about switching teams or teachers after the students have been assigned.

One of the reports I have to write at the end of the school year is an End-of-Year-Review that is given to the school committee for their reading enjoyment over the summer. as I write the report, I am struck by how resourceful we are as a faculty. We received more than $16,000 in straight grants from several sources. We also received in-kind grants that would bring our total to well over $22,000 this year. Pretty impressive!

I think that most teams have submitted their lists of supplies expected from the students next year. I haven’t had a chance to look at them yet, but I d hope that we were all mindful of the costs of the supplies we listed. As I mentioned in a post earlier this year, when I priced out the lists from last year, I was surprised to see the variability of the costs, and that was at the same grade level.

I know we all understand how difficult the economic times are, we all feel the effect of it every time we grocery shop. If, after reading this, you decide that you would like to review your lists, we will be sending out Summer Letters in early August, just send us a revised list and we’ll include t in our letter.

Education has Lost a Champion

Lat month, I posted in the Blog a video from the good folks at TED by Rita Pierson. I am sad to report to you that Rita passed away today in Texas at the age of 61. This information was reported by TED today in a special blog post on their web site:

For those who do not remember her TED Video entitled Every Kid Needs a Champion and its power, here it is:

Accessibility to the School Building

Now that Terri Dawson and her crew have completed a very successful week of technology at the Middle School, the cleaning crews will ramping up their activities to getting the school ready for the new year. You will not be able to access your rooms until the middle of August. Maintenance crews will be stripping floors and applying new wax. All classrooms will be scrubbed down, all desks and chairs as well, to make them almost like new for our students.

New MLTI Devices

Now that the budget has passed and the state has overridden the Governor’s veto, we can move forward with all of our ordering. I believe that Dennis Crowe has already placed the order for the MacBook Air device for our 7th & 8th grade students and 7th & 8th grade faculty. He has also been scouring the state for additional MacBook devices so that we will have plenty of working devices for all of our 6th grade students and faculty.

If you still have you MacBook device, you may keep it until the new devices arrive and are ready to distribute to you. If you want to wait until the school year begins, you can do that as well. As soon as the new devices are ready, we will send out an email informing you.

SEA Tech Camp

Congratulations to our very own Terri Dawson for a very successful SEA Tech Camp at the Gorham Middle School held this week. There were plenty of great presenters and presentations on each of the 3 days. For those of you who were able to join in, I am sure you were able to get something that you can use on the first days of school in August.

Now, get back to summer vacation…

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