OK, I Made a Very Big Mistake!!

OopsOn last week’s post I listed the date for the 7th grade Parent Meeting incorrectly. The correct date for the 7th Grade Parent Meeting is Tuesday, September 24, not the 23rd as I had posted. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

But, while I have you here, I may as well talk about what we’d like to accomplish at this meeting.

This will be you child’s first experience with technology, at least at this level, and we would love to go deeper into how we can help parents manage the technology at home. We will look to discuss some of the challenges that parents will face when having a “connected” child. We will explore several resources that parents can utilize, such as Common Sense Media and Netsmartz.

We will also talk about how we can improve, enhance and make better our home/school communication. We already have several methods that we can employ,, but we don’t want to overwhelm inboxes and voice mails with the unnecessary if we don’t have to.

Finally, our fundraising activities need to be examined from top to bottom. We need to look at what we fundraise for and how often we do it, to a full examination of how we fundraise and how we can use those activities to create a more positive community environment within our school.

Again, I apologize for the incorrect date and I hope that many of you can make this evening… I promise to keep it at an hour, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.

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