November 1st… Where is the Time Going???


Upcoming Important Dates

November 1 – Tooth Fairies will be at GMS all day
November 1 – 1st Quarter Ends, grades will be available on November 8
November 4 – Winter Tryouts begin
November 5 – Municipal Election Day
November 7 – Picture Re-take Day
November 11 – Veterans Day – No School
November 15 – Teacher Workshop Day – No School for students.
November 16 – Gorham Educational Foundation Trivia Bee
November 21 – Monthly PIE Meeting GMS Library 6:00 pm

Confucius Institute

COnfusius InstThere is still time to have your 7th or 8th grade student join the Chinese Culture and Language course being offered at GMS through the Confucius Institute and the University of Southern Maine. The course will be taught by professors from Dongbei University and folks from the University of Southern Maine. It will meet each Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the EICAL period. Unfortunately, this means that students who participate in Band or Chorus on those days will not be able to fit this into their schedule.

If you have any questions, or wish to have your child included in the course, please call the Main Office number and let our secretaries know.

Municipal Elections

As the former Speaker of the House and Representative from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts stated gorhamME_headermany times during his career, “All Politics is local”. With this in mind, I remind each of us that on Tuesday, November 5th, the town of Gorham will be holding some very important municipal elections. You will be asked to make decisions about who will help lead us through some very important and challenging times in the days ahead. There are also some very important Bond requests that will be decided, as well.

It is not my position to take a position on any candidate, but as my small piece of public service I am including  links to the last two issues of the Gorham Times for your informational perusal, in the event that you need more information.

Candidate Profiles
Bond Information

The polls open at 7:00 am and they are located at the Gorham Middle School Gymnasium and at the Municipal Center.

GMS Top Ten Songs Requested at our Lat Dance

AT40We have held our second school dance of the year and the students have voted again for the Top Ten Songs. If you have heard of these songs, congratulations! you are spending way too much time with your child in the car!

  • 1) Ylvis -The Fox
  • 2) Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
  • 3) One Direction – Best Song Ever
  • 4) Katy Perry – Roar
  • 5) Lorde – Royals
  • 6) Sage – Gas Pedal
  • 7) Macklemore – White Walls
  • 8) Justin Bieber – Lolly
  • 9) AWOL Nation – Sail
  • 10) Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

Picture Re-Take Day

framepic_homeWe will be re-doing the pictures for any student who did not get their picture taken on the first day of school. Also, anyone who, for any reason, did not like their picture, you may use this time for a re-take. The pictures will be taken during the morning and we will try not to disrupt too many classes.

Also, if you choose to purchase a picture and you do not see the combination of pictures that you want offered in the package offerings, Lifetouch will customize a package for you. For example, if you only want one 8X10 picture of your child with no wallet size or 5X7, you can do that. You can call the company number or just go online and order what you want.

Common Sense Media

I am very happy to report that Terri Dawson has, once again, been certified as a “Common Sense Media badge_school_webTeacher” for the current school year. We are also working on renewing our certification as a Common Sense Media School for this school year as well.

I have written about the good people at Common Sense Media several times in the past and the great resource they are for schools and for parents. If you get a chance to check out their web site, you will see all of the great resources they have to help you manage with your kids in this very tech heavy world. I can’t promise you that you will ever catch up with your kids, but I can promise you that you won’t be so far behind!

Fundraising Efforts

We have held a couple of meetings regarding our fundraising efforts at GMS this fall and it has become very clear that we need to find a new approach to how we raise funds for this coming year.

We all realize how important it is to a school to be able to have student field trips and the little extras that can’t be covered by the school budget. Admission fees to a museum or the Planetarium aren’t cheap and the buses to get our kids to these venues have to be paid for, so we do need to fund raise.

At our Grade Level Parent Meetings, we talked about some alternate methods of fundraising, away from the candles and candy, that we can employ. Events that will not only raise funds but will provide an opportunity to socialize with other parents and teachers. We are working on a couple of events for later in the school year that will also highlight another student activity, such as a Chorus or Band Concert. We’ll get more information on that later this month.

However, saying all of this, we have built up over the years a fairly large base from our magazine drive. This fundraiser has had us looking for new subscribers, as well as the renewals from our old subscribers. The Magazine subscriptions are a relatively good deal, giving subscribers additional years at a very low price. We don’t want to abandon this base, so we will be offering folks an opportunity to renew.

We will get more out to you on this in the coming weeks.

Report Cards

report cardJust a short reminder to all that we will not be printing off Report Cards for our students to take home. All of the end of first quarter grades are available on Parent Portal of Infinite Campus. Not only can you see the final grade for the quarter, but you can see if there were any missing assignments or assignments where your child struggled more.

If you would like us to print a report card for you, we can. I would ask that you call Terry LaMontagne in the Guidance Office 222-1247 and request either a printed copy of the report card or a new Username and Password for your Infinite Campus account.

Spirit Week at GMS

We had an incredibly active, diverse and fun Spirit Week thanks to Mrs. Pastore and our very active Student Council. Each day had its own theme and each of our Advisories did a great job of participating. I have collected a couple of photos of the kids (and teachers) and the many different ways they demonstrated their GMS Spirit.

Sra Krohn and Mr. Riley Getting into "Twin"

Sra Krohn and Mr. Riley Getting into “Twin”

Safety and Security

Each year, we execute several safety drills for the benefit of our community. We are all aware, and probably securityremember fondly (at least I do because it was usually done on a warm day and it got me out of classes!) the fire drills we practiced. We are still required to do those, but we also must practice drills such as Lockdown Drills and Shelter in Place Drills.

On Thursday, November 7th , we will be practicing a Lockdown Drill for the entire school. During these drills an alarm will sound with verbal instructions to the school. The teachers will follow their protocols and the local public safety personnel will be present to assess our readiness. While we practice these drills and work many hours with all sorts of people to make these protocols work, we hope that we never have an occasion to use them.,

If you have nay questions, please feel free to call our office and speak with me or Susie Hanley.

Gorham Educational Foundation Adult Trivia Bee

GEF HeaderIf you are interested in an evening of some very sophisticated fun and some intrigue with Adult Trivia, come on down to the Odd Fellows Hall in downtown Gorham on Saturday, November 16th. Teams of adults from all over Gorham with vie for the coveted trophy and the mantle of master of “all things about useless information”. This evening is sponsored by the Gorham Education Foundation who work to support the students and schools of our town.

For more information go to:

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