We Have So Much



Upcoming Important Dates

May 9 – GMS Night at the Sea Dogs
May 9 – Progress Reports available on Infinite Campus Portal
May 14 & 15 – Model UN at University of Southern Maine
May 14 Early Release Day, Students dismissed at 11:10 am
May 16 – Physics Day at Funtown
May 16 – School Dance Sponsored by the 8th grade 6:00 – 8:00 pm
May 19 – What is this Proficiency Based Education? 10:00 am GMS Library
May 22 – What is this Proficiency Based Education? 6:00 pm GMS Library
May 26 – Memorial Day, No School

GMS Night at the Portland Sea Dogs

There is still time to order your tickets, at a reduced rate, for the annual GMS night at the Portland Sea Dogs. The game begins at 6:00 pm and our very well traveled GMS Chorus will be performing the National Anthem to begin the game. Please join us for a great night of baseball and see some of the future Boston Red Sox. Did I mention that the Red Sox are the World Series Champions? I wasn’t sure!

For tickets, please call Kristen at 222-1220

NWEA Testing Administration

If it’s May, we must be testing! And, indeed, we are.

The Northwest Education Assessment (NWEA) will be administered to all of our students during the month of May. The assessment is an adaptive, computer based measure of student progress toward standards. It really is an individual measure of a student’s progress from year to year, and, most importantly, it tells us what we need to do as educators to help the student continue their progress forward.

This assessment will be done during class time and the results will be available to us almost immediately. We will get this information uploaded on to the Infinite Campus Portal soon after the close of school. If you would like your child’ results sooner than that, please give me a call and I will try to get them to as quickly as I can.

 The Weather is Getting Warmer

I have said this many times before, but I am now convinced (mostly because my lawn needs to be mown) that Spring has finally arrived. The warm weather brings out all of the warm weather fashions, and it also makes Principals begin to think about our dress code! Here is a reprise of our funny video about our dress code that will hopefully remind parents about what is expected of our students.

Save the Date

This item is way out of order, but since I was showing you the Dress Code Deputies, which was a winner of the film festival two years ago, I thought I may as well tell you about our Annual GMS Film Festival. The quest for the coveted Ramsies Awards will end on the evening of Saturday, June 14th beginning at 5:30 pm. There will be Limos and red carpets. There will even be paparazzi and popping flash bulbs (do any of you remember flash bulbs!?) capturing every glamorous moment.

I will give you much more information in the coming weeks, but I can tell you that all of our film makers are busy as bees getting their projects “in the can” for the judging and the evening on the 14th.

Please circle this date!

School Security Updates

Throughout the year, we have conducted all sorts of drills to practice our safety protocols for different possible events. In fact, we even had an actual event when students and parents were present in the building, and everyone performed wonderfully!

We will be conducting another lockdown drill during the week of May 12. We are not going to publicize the actual day or time that we will perform this, but I wanted you all to be aware of the drill so when your kids come home and tell you about the surprise drill, you will already know about it.

Proficiency Based Education in Gorham Schools

We had a meeting last week to plan for the 8th grade celebration at the end of the school year. As the meeting was wrapping up, I asked those present if they had heard about the new legislation that will require this year’s 8th graders to demonstrate proficiency in all 8 content areas of the Maine Learning Results and not just acquire 22 Carnegie Units, as we have always done. Many of the mothers who were present said that they had heard about the new law and that they were very concerned about what this would mean for their child’s chances at attending a top ranked college.

Here is a link to the Maine Department of Education’s web site: Maine DOE, for more information. Additionally, here is a link to an Education Week article about Competency Based Education that has links to other resources at the end of the article. Ed Week CBE article

We will be holding a couple of informational meeting at GMS on Monday, May 19 at 10:00am in the Library and On Thursday Eveing, May 22nd at 6:00 pm, also in our Library, to discuss what this will look like in Gorham and also to answer any questions you may have…Hopefully!

I hope you can join us on either of these dates.



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