Join Us on Wednesday to Meet the Superintendent Candidate


Upcoming Important Dates

Monday, January 19 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday – No School
Tuesday, January 20 – Gorham Schools Volunteer Info Meeting 6:30pm GMS Library
Wednesday, January 21 – Community Forum to meet Superintendent Candidate 6:00 pm GMS Auditorium
Friday, January 30 – Gorham’s Got Talent 6:00 pm GMS Auditorium

Chinese Culture and Mandarin Class

We still have some room for additional students in the Chinese Culture and Language class that we will be offering beginning on Thursday, January 29th. The class will meet on Thursdays and Fridays during the 7th and 8th grade EICAL periods. We are working with Mrs. Mathieu and Mrs. Williamson to correct any possible conflicts that might arise for students in band and chorus, so, please don’t let that be an obstacle for your child not taking advantage of this very unique opportunity.

There are only a few middle schools in Maine that can offer this type learning, during the school day. Most schools have to do this before or after school.

If you are interested in having your child included, please either send me an email indicating your interest of give me a phone call at 222-1228.

Public Forum to Meet Superintendent Candidate

As part of the vetting process for selecting our new Superintendent of Schools, the Gorham School Committee will hold a public forum at 6:00 pm in the Gorham Middle School Auditorium. The forum will be led by School Committee Chair Dennis Libby who will introduce the candidate, Heather Perry, current Superintendent of School in RSU #3 in Unity, Maine. Dennis has some prepared questions that he will ask and then the forum will be open to the community for their direct questions.

There will be some reaction cards available for the public to share their reactions and comments about the candidate. I hope that you can find time to join us on Wednesday evening for this very important meeting.

 #gorhamms Slow Chat

At our last PIE meeting, we had a discussion about how we can help our parents gain better understanding about all of the different social media applications available to their children, our students. We have tried to keep parents informed of new social media apps as we become aware of them, but, to be truthful, there are so many new apps created everyday, it really is hard to keep up with them. What we can attempt is keeping you abreast of the social media apes that we see in our school. Even with our eyes wide open and our ears to the ground, keeping current is very difficult.

So, I thought I would start a “Slow Chat” on Twitter where we can all share what we are finding and ask questions that of each other about what we are hearing and seeing our kids doing on their devices. I think we first need to help all of us get up to speed with Twitter first so we can make this chat work for us!

So, what is Twitter? I have heard Twitter called many things, depending upon who you ask! Some of the parents I speak with call it something I can’t put in this blog! But, Twitter really is a micro blogging site. You can share thoughts, ideas, concerns or information of any kind with lots of folks in 140 characters, or less. This means that you need to be succinct!

I could continue, but, through Twitter, I have found a pretty good tutorial for beginners about why and how to use Twitter.

James Madison Excellence in Writing Contest Winners

Just before the Christmas Break, we held a wonderful ceremony before the entire school community to honor three of our students who demonstrated excellence in writing. The Gorham Town Republican Committee (not sure that’s the exact name!) for the second year sponsored the writing competition. Students were asked to write about what “with Liberty and Justice for all” meant to them.

This year we more than tripled to number of entries submitted, making it a very arduous task for the judges as they worked through all of the entries to arrive at the final three. The winners received a monetary prize of $100 for the two runners-up and the Grand Prize winner received a $250 check.

I want to thank the Republican Town Committee for their dedication and their determination for working through all of the entries to come up with these three winner. In speaking with John Doyle, School Committee members and organizer of this event, he said that it was very difficult to choose, but a rewarding endeavor, nonetheless.

Madison Essay Contest Winners and Their Parents.

The Essay Contest Winners and their proud parents.

Here are the winning essays, Samuel Orlando’s Grand prize winning essay first, then Haley Caron’s and Lydia Drew’s essays. Interestingly, each of these students are 7th graders! You will have to click on the link to read these essays, sorry.

Sam Orlando:

2014 winning essays 1

Haley Caron:

2014 winning essays 3

Lydia Drew:

2014 winning essays 2

Congratulations to all of the winners and we are really looking forward too next year’s competition.

National Geographic Society Geography Bee Winner

As we welcomed the students back from the very long Christmas Break, several of them had used that time to hone their skills on map photo-7reading, state capitals and geographic features of foreign lands in preparation for the school finals of the National Geographic Society Geography Bee. Thanks to Mr. Jeff Carpenter who did a great job of organizing this event that culminated in an entertaining and informative night of geography facts. We crowned our school champion wo will now prepare for the state championship later in March.

Congratulations to our National Geography Bee School Champion Aaron Goschke on surviving the challenge from all of his school mates. Best of luck at the State Championship! I know you will do a great job of representing Gorham Middle School.

 Linda Dutil, R.N. and A Dose of Reality

DOR-GA, Marietta-Dodgen MS-May 8, 2009 011-paintWe are finalizing plans for a presentation to all of our students by Linda Dutil, an Emergency Room Nurse who has been presenting for several years all over the country about the dangers of teens experimenting with dangerous and illegal substances, struggling with body image and making choices that could negatively impact their life.. Linda’s presentation is geared perfectly to our students as she speaks frankly with our students about her experiences as an Emergency Room Nurse in Waterville, Maine and about the power of being able to say “no”.

Tentatively, we have scheduled her for later in January, but her schedule is quite busy. Hopefully, we’ll have finalized the plans by early this week.

If you’d like to learn more about Linda and her program, here is her web site:


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