Enough Already!!! Please Stop the Snow!!!


Upcoming Important Dates

Tuesday, February 10 – Southern Maine Honors Jazz Festival, York High School 4:00 pm
Thursday, February 12 – Digital Citizenship Assemblies for all grades
Friday, February 13 – A Dose of Reality Presentation, all students.
Friday, February 13 thru February 22 – Mid Winter Break, Enjoy the snow!!!
Friday, February 27 – Southern Maine Honors Chorus Festival, Westbrook Middle School
Saturday, February 28 – Southern Maine Honors Concert, Westbrook Middle School 3:30 pm

PIE Meeting Postponed

We had a PIE meeting scheduled for Thursday evening at 6:00 pm, but I am going to have to postpone this until later in February for personal reasons.

While I am on the subject of PIE meetings, I do want to follow up on a couple of topics that we discussed at our PIE meeting in January.

One question that was asked was about the contract custodial workers that are part of the private company that provides our cleaning services. I have been assured that each of the workers who work in our schools have all had criminal records check performed by the state police. As we said at the meeting, we could;t imagine that they would not have had a criminals record check, but we could not answer for sure. Now we can!

Another idea that came out of the PIE meeting was how can parents keep up with the ever changing landscape of social media. In full disclosure, Terri Dawson, our Technology Integrator for the middle school, passed this on to me a while ago so this may already be out of date!

Our good friends at Common Sense Media have provided parents with 15 Apps and sites that kids are going to besides Facebook. I wish I could tell you that I am familiar with all of them, but I can’t. Many of the Apps and sites and I familiar, but not all. Anyway, checkout this resources from Common Sense Media. Maybe after you have had a chance to check each of these out, we can all sit down and teach each other.

Digital Citizenship Assemblies

On Thursday, February 12, we will hold grade level assemblies for the students to remind them about their responsibilities to follow our Code of Conduct when the are using technology. By technology I mean any device, whether it is the laptop we provide through MLTI, or their cellphones or even their iPods and gaming consoles. We have experienced a couple of episodes of students not exercising their best judgment when using these advices.

I don’t think for a minute that our kids are deliberately attempting to cause harm to their peers, but I do believe that they are not thinking about what they are doing or what the possible consequences are for being unkind. Quite often, when we confront students about their actions on line, they explain that they “didn’t mean to cause harm”,

We intend to include a very recent, student produced video to try to drive home our point that as easy as it is to not think about what they post, it is just as easy to help all of us remember to think before we post. This video plays on the parody of a virus that is priding and that “carrier” may not know that they are “infected”. It is a nice pay on words that makes a very serious point.

 Dose of Reality

We will try once again to have Linda Dutil come to GMS to speak to our kids about the realities of substance use and abuse. So far, this is our third attempt to Have Linda join us for this very important presentation for our kids. She will be here on Friday, February 13 and will present to our entire school.

Now, if we can only get the snow gods to cooperate, we may actually get to Friday without any more snow days…

MLTI Laptops over Vacation

We continue to work on upgrades to operating systems and add applications for our students to use in their learning every month. In order for us to complete these upgrade properly, we like to have the laptops here at GMS, on our network, so that we can test the systems and push out packages. (Boy, that is a lot of technical talk!) We also complete inventories and an audit of the devices for damages and defects.

So all of this says that the students will not be taking their laptops home over the February vacation.

Report Cards

As we have done for the past year and one half, report cards are available through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. You can, if you would like, print out your child’s report card from the system quite easily. If you have any difficulties, just ask your kids, they do it all the time here.

If you would like us to send you a hard copy of your child’s report card, please contact Terry Lamontagne in the Guidance office. She will put one in the mail for you.

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