Two 5 Day Weeks in a Row!!!



Upcoming Important Dates

Friday, March 6 – GMS Musical Alice@Wonderland, GMS Auditorium 7:00 pm admission $5
Saturday, March 7 – GMS Musical Alice@Wonderland, GMS Auditorium 7:00 pm admission $5
Saturday,March 7 – Indoor Track meet at Portland Expo 8:00 am
Saturday, March 7 – 6th Grade Honor Music Festival, Bonny Eagle Middle School 3:00 pm
Tuesday, March 10 – 8th Grade Parent Night at the High School 6:00 pm GHS Auditorium
Wednesday, March 11 – Early Release Day, Student dismissed at 11:10 am
Thursday, March 12 – Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00 – 8:00 pm
Friday, March 13 – Parent Teacher Conferences 8:00am – 2:00 pm NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS
Saturday, March 14 – Indoor Track Meet at Portland Expo 2:30 pm

School Yearbooks

YearbookclipartWe are again offering several options for parents and students to order yearbooks for this year, and you can order them online or pick up an order form in the Office. The cost of the yearbooks is $17 for a soft cover yearbook. The softcover is a nice option to help keep the cost down and still get all of the memories of the school year. If you want a hard cover bound version, that cost is $22, and if you would like to have your child’s name printed on the cover along with their school picture, to really personalize it, you can add that as well fro an additional $5 charge.

The last day to order yearbooks is April 20 and to oder online you can go to: and use the school code 3788215.

Alice@Wonderland Musical Performance

Friday and Saturday night, March 6 & 7 our young thespians performed the wonderful adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. If you weren’t able to make your way to GMS on either Friday or Saturday evening, you missed a wonderfully energetic display of song, dance and funny lines, not to mention some great acting.

Thank you to Joe Hanley, husband of Assistant Principal Susie Hanley, for some wonderful  pictures of both evening’s performances.DSC_0396 DSC_0403 DSC_0411 DSC_0416

Busy Week Next Week

Next week is a very busy one for all of our parents. Our 8th grade parents are invited to join Principal Chris Record of Gorham High School, along with the Department Heads and school counsellors, to preview what parents, and students, can expect when their child enrolls at GHS next year.

This evening is one that should answer all of your questions about the transition to the high school as well as bring up a few more questions that you hadn’t already thought about.

The evening begins at 6:00 pm in the GHS Auditorium and should last until 7:30, or so.

Then, on Thursday evening and Friday during the day, the Middle School is holding our Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences. By now, everyone should have scheduled an appointment to meet with your child’s advisor. If you have not yet received an appointment, or made contact with your child’s advisor, please send them an email or give them a phone call.

As you know, we schedule conferences with your child’s advisor, however, if you want to meet with a particular content area or allied arts teacher, you may do so by simply contacting them and setting up a time to meet.

If you haven’t heard from you child’s advisor, please give me a call and I can “gently” remind them to set up an appointment.

The Pass Out Challenge

We have become aware of a new “game’ that our students are experimenting with called the Pass Out Game or Pass Out WarningChallenge, This is a very dangerous game for for kids to be playing and the possible consequences can be devastating.

In the past, I have written about the Cinnamon Challenge, and the Salt Challenge and this is just another one of the many things that young people try as they experiment with their own mortality, yes mortality!

Let me give you an idea of what the kids do in the Pass Out Game. First, the kids will take about 30 deep breathe, in effect, to force hyperventilation. Then, with the help of one of their friends, they will deprive the brain of oxygen by having their friend compress their chest. They will stand against the wall and their friend will use both hands to press, as hard a they can, on their chest, in effect forcing all of the air out of their lungs. In a few seconds, the brain will be deprived of oxygen and the child will pass out. If they are alone, they will blow on their thumb, attempting to force blood into the brain that lacks oxygen. The result is the same, the child will lose consciousness, some kids actually go into convulsions.

I wish I could tell you that this new fad is really a new fad, but it is not. This has been around since I was a teen. I can remember the kids in my neighborhood playing this game more than 50 years ago. I can also tell you that I can remember some kids getting seriously injured and suffering some catastrophic, long lasting injuries because of this game. I suspect that this is still the case, now 50 years later.

If you are unfamiliar with this “game” and you would like to see what it looks like, checkout Youtube and search for Pass Out Challenge, there are tone of wrong-minded kids putting up their own videos for other to see hoping for sone notoriety.

Planning for Celebration of Middle School

This is another of those occasions where I say “I can’t believe it’s here already” or “It’s that time of year again”, but we need to begin the planning for the 8th Grade Celebration of Middle School on the night before that last day of school.

We will hold our first organizing meeting on Thursday, March 19 in the GMS library beginning at 6:00 pm. This meeting is usually informational and organizational. We do make some decisions on how we will be making decisions and how we will collect ideas and then act on those idea.

I look forward to getting the planning started. Please call me if you can’t make the meeting but would like to work on a committee.


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