Week of January 30


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Upcoming Important Dates

Jan 30 – GMS Talent Show in the GMS Auditorium 6:00 pm
Jan 31 – Student showing of the Talent Show (see schedule below)
Feb 1 – New EICAL Rotation begins
Feb 9 thru 12 – Gorham High School Spring Musical at MAPC
Feb 10 – Parent Meet-up 6:00 pm GMS Library
Feb 10 – School Dance 6:00 – 8:00 pm Gymnasium
Feb 15 – Early Release Day, students dismissed at 11:10
Feb 16 – PIE Meeting, GMS Library 6:00 pm (see agenda below)
Feb 17 – School Winter Vacation Begins
Feb 27 – Students return from Mid-Winter Break

National Geography Bee School Champion

On Friday, January 27, we crowned a new Gorham Middle School Geography Bee Champion.

All students participated in the Preliminary rounds of the Bee and we had a record number of students answer correctly in all 7 rounds of the preliminary. Thirteen students gathered in the Library for the Tie-Breaker round to determine the 10 school finalists. After one round of tie-breaker questions, we have our 10 finalists. They were:

Griffin Loranger –  Monhegan
Rylan Flagg – Crescent
Josh Allen – Monhegan
Dawson Allen – Peaks
Michael Darasz – Boon
Emily Paruk – Monhegan
Ashley Thurston – Little River
Ben Allison – Crescent
Sam D’Amico – Harraseeket
Conner Allison – Harraseeket
Jacob Weisman – Harraseeket
Bryce Lumbert – Harraseeket
Andrew Suliman – Stroudwater

After several rounds of Final questions, we had our two Finalists, Connor Allison and Sam D’Amico.

The Final round consisted of 3 questions that were asked of each student. Sam answered two of the three correctly and Connor answered one.

Our New Gorham Middle School Geography Bee Champion is Sam D’Amico. Congratulations to Sam and Conner and to all of the participants in this years competition. Sam will now attempt to qualify for the State Finals to be held later in March.

Parent Meet-up

The Gorham Action Team for Youth (GATY) will be holding a Parent Meet-up on Friday, February 10 at 6:00 pm in the GMS Library. The meet up is designed to have parents meet with folks in our Support Services to talk about ways that our community can support our kids with activities to keep help continue to make good choices.

We have paired the Parent Meet-up with our monthly school dance in hopes that we could attract more parents to come to the Meet-up. We have also added an incentive to parents and students for coming. Usually, the dance admission fee is $5.00, but if students bring their parent to the Parent Meet-up, the admission will be waived.

I hope we see you here!

PIE Meeting Coming Up

Please mark your calendars for the evening of February 16 for our next PIE Meeting. The meeting will be held in the GMS Library and, following up on our last meeting, we will continue the discussion of Proficiency Based Learning.

I plan to have a couple of film clips from the acclaimed documentary Most Likely to Succeed,  a film about how schools can react to the changing needs of our students. Earlier this year we showed the film to parents. I think the clips will allow us to frame some good conversations about education.

Hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.

Gorham School Department New Web Page

Our tech gurus have been very busy revamping, revising and improving our existing web page to help make it more accessible to our community. The site will go “live” on Wednesday, February 1st, so you can expect to see some dramatic changes in appearance and in the ease of use. The URL is still www.gorhamschools.org.

Early Release Day

Our next early release day will be Wednesday, February 15. Students will be dismissed at 11:10 am.

As we did last month, the Gorham recreation Department will be offering a couple of activities for the students to keep the busy. This month the Rec Department will be offering two activities.

You will need to contact the Recreation Department to get more details and to reserve your seat.

 What Parents Need to Know

It has come back around again!

If you have been doing this job for as long as I have, you see some trends come and go, and then came back again. Skateboards was a big thing for a while, but they faded away only to come back, and then fade away again.

One activity that I wish would fade away forever is a stunt that students do occasionally called the Pass Out Game, The Choking Game or the Fainting Game. These are games where students make themselves pass out by hyperventilating and then holding their breath until they lose consciousness. It is sometimes called the “Good Kids” high, because it does’t involve drugs, but it does provide a “high” for the kids.

You could do a Youtube search for the Fainting game and you will see lots of kids doing it. What the kids don’t see, and why they don’t know is the possible damage that could be done. Over the years, several young people have died from doing this.

I am not going to include a Youtube video with this as I do not want to encourage anyone, but I will include a link to an article by our friends at nobully.com that explains the game, the effects and some tips to help parents notice any of the warning signs that your child might be engaging in this activity.


I wish I could say that this doesn’t happen here, but I can’t. If you’d like more information, please feel free to call me or any of our counselors.

Until next time…

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